Performance Management

ShiftTracer is a corporate performance planning and managing tool designed to enable the alignment of corporate strategies with individual execution by translating them into specific objectives and action plans, and communicating them to every stakeholder proactively.

ShiftTracer planning flexibility allows you to define targets and goals that take into account differences in regional markets, prior results, and other factors which may affect an individual’s performance. This flexibility maximizes productivity and minimizes the need for manager subjectivity.

Action plans and specific guidance can be delivered periodically or whenever an alert is triggered by a change in a key metric. Changes in strategy or short-term focus and tactics and the different repercussions for each individual are communicated automatically across the enterprise, ensuring the highest impact possible.

Traditional reporting and analytical tools can only provide a picture of the situation and their interpretation can vary greatly. ShiftTracer enables the combination of the information along with its interpretation and an action plan taken from the global strategy and tailored for each particular situation. Each individual knows the company’s expectations, what his current situation is, what the organization thinks about it, and the preventive or corrective measures needed to keep or change direction.

ShiftTracer also provides a powerful format for displaying and tracking metric behavior. Shift Maps contain more information than any other single type of graph and offer a simple view that encompasses one or more metrics, their targets and forecasts, their evolution through time and a direct comparison across products and regions. This allows the user to identify trends or effects that may not be clearly visible with other analytical tools and to take immediate action by creating and sending a report in response to them.

Reports and analyses are created and distributed automatically by email or published to an intranet in several formats to fit each user’s needs. Managers and Analysts can have access to view, create, and send new reports based on divisional or departmental requirements.